Statistics: Unlocking the World of Data is a free, six-week MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) created by the University of Edinburgh. The course introduces the key ideas and methods of statistics, the discipline that allows us to analyse and interpret data.

In today’s world, data is all around us. It guides our decision- and policy-making, it shapes our views and beliefs, and it underpins much of modern science and technology. As the amount of data we create increases, and technology makes it more visible, it becomes ever more important to understand the principles of statistics.

Taking this course will allow you to not only understand the key principles of statistics but you will also be able to interpret and evaluate the kinds of statistics we see in everyday life. No knowledge of statistics is required.

How to enrol

The first presentation of the course ran from January 11th to March 1st 2017. Although the course has finished, you can still enrol now to view the course content and keep updated with when the course will next be run. While you’re waiting, why not find out about the course team and the course content?