Statistics is full of paradoxes and counter-intuitive results. This, combined with complicated formulae and formal notation, can make statistics seem unduly confusing and difficult. Our aim in Statistics: Unlocking the World of Data is to bypass some of these formalities and give you an intuitive and deep understanding of this fascinating subject.

Throughout the course, we’ll give you opportunities to discuss ideas and problems with others on the course, both within the edX platform and on social media, but we will also be embedding interactive applets throughout the course. These applets, created using GeoGebra, will allow you to engage with the course content, and reach a full understanding of the topics presented.


An applet to see how the ‘shape’ of a data set affects the different types of average value

These easy-to-use applets will allow you to play around with graphs and charts, undertake experiments, look deeper into paradoxes, and get to grips with statistical testing. Some of our favourites so far are our ‘duck catcher’ app where you can try out the capture-recapture method for yourself, and an app allowing you to see the likelihood of false positives and false negatives in a medical test.

It’s just over a month until the launch of Statistics: Unlocking the World of Data – don’t forget to enrol now!


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