Video editing

If you’ve ever had to watch 3 hours of yourself on film, then you might understand how excruciating the past few weeks has been for us – it’s video editing time! Each video has to be checked, not just for sound and video quality, but also for factual correctness (even experts make mistakes sometimes), consistency, and to make sure we’re communicating the points we need to communicate.


Sometimes bits of footage that shouldn’t be there sneak their way into the rough edits…


So what now? Rough edits watched, we next have to produce any images, diagrams and graphs that need adding into the videos. Tim, our fantastic cameraman and editor, will make any changes needed, and after a final sign-off the videos will be sent off for subtitling. The subtitled videos will be publicly available, so watch this space for a sneak preview of the course videos! And don’t forget to sign up if you haven’t already!


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