We’re coming soon…

It’s official… we’re coming soon!

Tonight we attended a celebration evening for the University’s central MOOCs team. It’s been four years since the University of Edinburgh delivered its first online courses. Now, the University has created 35 MOOCs, reaching an audience of more that 2.5 million, in all but 8 countries in the world, and involving over 100 members of staff.

For us, the occasion also marked a special celebration, as it was the first time we saw our course advert in print. It won’t be long before our course landing page is set up on the EdX site, and you can sign up to take part!

Incidentally, the celebration was held in the University’s Playfair Library, which is named after its architect: William Henry Playfair, nephew of William Playfair who pioneered the visual representation of data.


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