… And action!

Our first day of filming arrived today and, being blessed with a rare sunny and still day, we headed out into The Meadows, a large grassy common to the south of the central university campus.

We began our filming with a video explaining what statistics is and how we do it. Mairi and Ruth had been up late the night before making final edits to the script, which was promptly thrown out of the window as we realised how hard it is to actually stick to a script. Luckily, our cameraman, Tim Askew, is very patient, and also knows a lot of tricks for making the filming easier for us.


After filming in The Meadows, Ruth returned to work and Mairi and Tim headed off into the city centre to film the ‘About Video’ – the video that will appear on the course homepage to tell people all about the course and why they should do it. We took one recording in the middle of Princes Street, but also filmed a ‘safe’ version back in The Meadows just in case there is too much background noise in the Princes Street version.

All in all, it was a reasonably short but exhausting day. We can tell already that the scripting and filming will be tough, but the videos form such an important part of the course that we have to give it our absolute best!


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