Welcome to our Teaching Assistants

We’re delighted to welcome Valentina Assi and Sabrina Chang onto the MOOC team as our new teaching assistants. Valentina and Sabrina will be helping us design and produce content for the MOOC, and will be answering your questions in the discussion forums and on social media when the course is running. So who are they?

Valentina Assi


Valentina Assi is a statistician at the Edinburgh Clinical Trials Unit. As part of her duties she focuses on the statistical side of a good variety of projects run by the unit, as well as providing statistical expertise to the editorial board of the Cochrane Stroke group.
Her initial studies at the Università degli Studi di Milano were in experimental and theoretical statistics, concluded in 2009 with a MSc thesis on log-linear symmetry models. Then she joined the Centre for Cancer Prevention, at the Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry, to study and work under the supervision of Prof. SW Duffy. In March 2014 she completed her PhD with a project investigating the association between breast cancer risk and mammographic density.

Sabrina Chang


Sabrina is a PhD student at the University of Edinburgh. Her area of research is in forensic statistics, in the estimation of likelihood ratios; likelihood ratios are used to measure the effect of evidence on the odds in favour of the prosecution proposition in comparison with the defence proposition. She studied actuarial science at the University of Waterloo and worked as a consulting analyst before commencing her graduate studies in statistics. Her master’s dissertation was on L1-penalised ordinal regression and Bayesian variable selection for linear models with multiple responses, which has applications in the social sciences. She has also worked as a teaching assistant in various statistics and actuarial science courses.


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